Visit Us!

You are welcome here! Expect to find a friendly church where people welcome you by name and are eager to make you feel at home! You’ll find us wearing anything from jeans & a t-shirt to more traditional style of “Sunday dress”. We want you to be comfortable and firmly believe God is more interested in your heart than what you’re wearing.

Sunday School classes begin at 9:30 am. We start out together in the sanctuary and after a time of introduction, announcements, and singing children break off into their own classes for age-appropriate instruction.

Our Sunday morning service starts at 10:30 am and typically runs about an hour and fifteen minutes long. Music will include hymns and worship songs and occasional special music performances to allow those with musical abilities to share their talents in the worship of God.

Our preaching is conservatively rooted in God’s Word. The Bible is the center of what we believe at Springfield Community Chapel. We read the Bible, and we take it seriously. Our sermons include both a thoughtful teaching of the Bible and a practical application of the Bible’s message to our modern lives. But most importantly, we come expecting to have an encounter with God through His Word.